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Long Overdue Update...

Hello friends. Thank you for visiting. Please forgive my woeful lack of attention to this site!

As we all know, COVID has had a tremendous impact on performing artists, not to mention the industry as a whole. We seem to finally be emerging from the deepest depths of that situation, however, it remains fluid. We'll just have to go with the proverbial flow. Be safe out there, and please be considerate of your fellow audience members. You definitely don't want to end up on Patti LuPone's bad side!

I've gotten back to singing around NYC, most recently for Phil Geoffrey Bond's Sondheim Unplugged series at 54 Below. If you're a Sondheim fan, it is absolutely required viewing. Phil's knowledge of the Sondheim canon is nothing short of encyclopedic. You can also pick up the first two volumes

I'm also looking forward to getting back to Scott Siegel's terrific Frank Sinatra tributes as well as his Broadway's Greatest Hits series. Scott is a terrific host who really cares about showcasing the best singers around town, presenting fan favorites and lesser known gems, alike.

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